What Readers Are Saying About Karlton's Baby Book
Comments are from readers who left reviews on Amazon.de (Germany)

  • I recommend this book to anyone, because every baby speaks his language. By understanding what is said in this book, it is easier to listen to. With the ears as well as with the heart. 

  • My baby is now 3 months old and we are liberating dialogues, because he can moan, cry and tell me what is on his mind. After ever shorter screaming times, he starts smiling again and telling me cheekily but happily what moves him. (Of course I do not understand a word ;-) but I understand him in the heart and answer him. It is worth reading, especially as a (future) father, because listening mostly eliminates the pacifier emergency, which is ultimately unsatisfactory for both sides.  The topic of grandparents is also wonderfully discussed, which young families should in any case already look at before the birth.

  • Super book, understandable and clearly written. It is highly recommended and if you have enough power to put it into practice then it really helps and does what it promises. Karlton Terry describes sensitively and understandably why it is so important that babies are allowed to express themselves. How parents (and grandparents) can hear their sweetheart crying. And how they can understand what the baby has to say. Words and details? No, this requires trained baby therapist. But moods, feelings and emotions? Yes, very well.

  • How beneficial is the idea that babies can share their difficult experiences right from the start! If you only want to read 1 book about babies / parents and the first such special time with our babies, then you should read this. It's about why a baby sometimes cries so much, does not sleep, does not eat .... When my midwife told me that maybe my newborn son is breastfeeding (and not using the tongue, as it is "right") which is unfortunately very painful), because he is a bit lazy, that felt wrong to me. A therapist trained by Karlton Terry has explained to me the birth of my son, after which I understood that my son was incredibly hurting his tongue (the tongue nerve had been pinched at birth). After that I could not only deal with the situation, my sympathy for my little one was strengthened. Our bond became deeper and more loving! After that, I read this book and had a lot of knowledge about my two children and myself. Karlton Terry sensitively explains why babies are what they are. All babies tell their story, and when we learn to understand them, it is a deeply wonderful experience for both parents and baby that strengthens the bond between them. Highly Recommended.

  • The author, a very sensitive man, describes exactly what the babies experience during pregnancy, after birth and during the first months, what they feel and what traumas they have to deal with. The book helps to understand the wiring of babies and shows us the way we can or should meet them: loving, understanding with mindfulness and empathy. So we get "a small bundle full of joy, an angel who can give us more love than we felt in our lives."

  • Babies cry when they have needs, like hunger, heat and so on. What if they keep crying even though they are well cared for (so-called colic)? You feel difficult phases in pregnancy or childbirth. If we do not get stressed and can listen lovingly and be present, then their suffering eases. This book explains exactly how, despite the weeping, we can be present and stay in touch with the baby so that they feel loved and held. In addition, we have many other ways to be in a playful relationship with the baby, strengthening and relaxing the bond between parent and baby.


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