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KT's Pre & Perinatal Discussion Forum
For BTC Students

From Karlton Terry - IPPE Certified Principal Teacher
Cofounder IPPE - Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education

Discussion forums will be hosted approximately once a month. Each forum will address specific issues in the pre- and perinatal world, and will begin with a mini-lecture presented by Karlton, followed by a question and answer session, and end with an open discussion.

Each discussion forum will last one hour and 45 minutes, and address a basic theme. Participants if they wish, are invited to email me questions related to the respective theme prior to the meeting. The discussions will be recorded and the recordings will be offered for sale afterward to BTC and other interested IPPE students. We need a minimum of eight participants and a maximum of 10.

The cost for each live participant is USD $50.

If you are interested in participating in the live forums, just email Sandy ( and she will sign you up and take your written questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many Blessings,


Upcoming Discussion Forums

Sorry to say it, but we've had no pre-registrations for February's Discussion Forum so Karlton is canceling this Friday's session (previously scheduled for Friday, February 15th).

Our next PPE Discussion Forum will be on:

Friday, May 10th, 2013
10:00 A.M. US (Mountain Time)
5:00 P.M.   UK
6:00 P.M.   Europe

Please submit any topc requests you may have prior to April 10, 2013.

Cost is USD $50. Please sign up in advance with me; Karlton prefers a minimum of 8, maximum of 15.

Karlton is still working on getting the December recording up on the website; we'll let you know when it is there if you want to purchase it.

Kind regards,

Sandy Mighell
Executive Assistant to Karlton Terry and Kathryn Kier
Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education


Use the links below to purchase and download our previous discussion forums:

Karlton Terry's Discussion Forum:

Working with Older Children and
Working with Adopted Children and their Parents

December 20, 2012
Audio Length: Approx. 2 Hours

* This recording is currently not available. We're still working on it.

Karlton Terry's Discussion Forum:

C-Section Discussion Forum

September 18, 2012
Audio Length: 1:44:44
$35.00  USD

Karlton Terry's Discussion Forum:

IVF / In Vitro Fertilization

April 27, 2012
Audio Length: 1:49:52
$35.00 USD




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