Karlton Terry
IPPE Certified Principal Teacher
Cofounder IPPE - Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education

I came to Pre and Perinatal Education from an unexpected route. My life passed through many little evolutions before I discovered the satisfaction of my life's true work.

Although I was a successful independent businessman, I was unhappy with my life in my 30s and I began searching. I tried talk therapy, marriage counseling, mainstream psychology, and all kinds of naturopathic and holistic disciplines. My enthusiasm in this area motivated me to develop the Consulate Healing Center which, at its peak in 2008, had over 60 practitioners: everything from Acupuncture to Watsu.

My personal journey led me to explore new territory in deeper realms of psychology and psychotherapy. I discovered holotropic breathwork, body psychotherapy, primal therapy, and then, eventually, Pre and Perinatal Psychology through the work of Margaret Grant, Graham Farrant, and William Emerson.


I was fascinated at the increased pace of my own development and the satisfaction with life that I gained from this deep work. Over a few years I had taken so many of William's courses, and had such a natural relationship to the pre and perinatal world, that in 1990 he asked me to become a teacher of his work. Meanwhile, I developed a busy private practice, and sold my company to devote myself to teaching, working with babies, and private practice.

I taught courses with William Emerson in Europe and in Mexico and I began developing my own courses. Now, with some dear colleagues, I am founding the Institute of Pre and Perinatal Education, having the goal to develop and spread Pre and Perinatal Education, train teachers and therapists, and work with babies.

  • Born 1953 USA
  • Father of two children
  • University of Colorado BA
  • Brown University Post Grad.
  • President, American Rivers Oil Company
  • Advanced Senior Teacher, Emerson Training Seminars
  • Three Years Research Program / Dennison Science Library / University of Colorado School Of Medicine
  • Member, and former Member of the Board, of the International Society for Pre and Perinatal Medicine (ISPPM)
  • Member Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)
  • Developer and Owner, Consulate Healing Center, Denver, Colorado
  • Cofounder Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education (IPPE)
  • Seeker of Truth and Meaning

Contact:  KTprenate2birth@gmail.com

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