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A truly glorious tree is special because it is beautiful in a way that inspires wonder or joy.

Not all of you are connoisseurs or lovers of trees, but I know that you can remember at least one special tree. Please take just a moment, close your eyes, and be with the memory of that tree, see if you can feel and fall into the "field" of that tree as if you were there with it right now.

If you were even just a little bit successful at this, and even for a millisecond forgot where you were in real space and real time, then, in that second you experienced an example of gOD expressing the field of gOD to gOD. A memory, a felt sense that was just as real as present reality. Go back to the tree and realize that the field was there, is there, and will be there even if you are or were not awake enough to fully partake in the field. There was also something there before the field was there, and there will be something there after, when the tree and its millions of leaves have become dust under the dirt of another era. There is also absolutely nothing somewhere behind, and somewhere ahead, of all of this. And all of this is gOD.

There is a particular face of gOD that especially wants to be seen.*2 There is a body of gOD that wants to be touched, and indeed, to even be held like a baby. The glorious tree was once a meager seed and, and except under the right conditions, it would now be nothing. But in the case of your tree the seed was pressed open into splendor: gOD emerging into gOD. I understand that it is in this moment, the moment of emergence, when gOD is most impressionable and most vulnerable, and therefore needs gOD's*3 help most.

Babies of all ages, inside and outside the womb, are gOD emerging. The power that opens the seed is perhaps one of gOD's most special magic phenomena.

The seed is in our care. We must become impeccable with our compassion, our accurate empathy, and our intelligence, for the time is short and the window is narrow. Impeccability means letting gOD into you, and knowing gOD in gOD. And that is what palpation is: gOD dancing with gOD under gOD's direction. It leads to release and relief so gOD can open up into gOD.

  1. This spelling of "god" intrigued me when I first came across it:  it removes ones past connotation and permits a less religious association that can include the Void , the Divine or God.
  2. Why do you think being at a birth is so intense and special, and why do you think even the hardest person can't help but nearly swoon with love when a cute, smiling baby is encountered?
  3. Your

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