Foundation Course

A detailed introduction to the physiologic and psychologic consequences of pre and perinatal trauma and shock, including various resolution, integration, releasing and repatterning techniques.

he Foundation Course, consisting of six classes, taught two to four times per year, is an entry level class that takes students deep into the realm of their own personal history. These classes are taught, often in residential settings, from the perspective of the experience of the prenate and the perinate, and we emphasize that each of us has been a prenate and a perinate, and that much of the condition of our lives is a result of what happened to us before and during our births. Pertinent facts pertaining to embryology, biological processes, the prenatal stages, and the stages of birth are the starting point for the teaching. Then, the many psychological correlates arising out of the various stages are introduced. About half the experience of the course involves learning about the fascinating nature and miracles of birth, and prenatal life . . . the mysterious journeys we have all taken. We also convey, in clear and non-complicated language, the psychological consequences that arise from different aspects of the journeys.

The rest of the course is devoted to supporting the students in exploring their own experiences. You can remember your birth and you can remember your prenatal life. Our IPPE teachers are trained to safely and empathically facilitate your own research into these special body and cellular experiences, without inducing false memories. By remembering and understanding what you have been through you bring a bright light into the dark corners and early origins of your behavior patterns and belief systems. This awareness can free you from the places you are stuck in your life.

Although our well-designed curriculum is thorough and covers many interesting details, each course develops its own momentum and its own character. Students are invited to ask questions freely, and they are supported to work at their own pace. Empathy, safety, and confidentiality support even those who are not normally comfortable in groups––and our classes are small with a high teacher/student ratio. Personal attention and individual respect are inherent throughout every lecture and every exercise. During the course, students also learn how to become skillful and empathic facilitators for the processes of their fellow students.

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