Foundation Course

A detailed introduction to the physiologic and psychologic consequences of pre and perinatal trauma and shock, including various resolution, integration, releasing and repatterning techniques.

Class 5

Implantation, in some ways an even bigger miracle that birth, occurs during just a few days, but its impacts are pervasive, affecting the entire physical body including stem cells. Only about 40-60% of blastocysts survive this megalithic prenatal stage. Fundamental response patterns are organized affecting how we relate to money, food, and intimacy. Furthermore, existential ambivalence and shame can result from shocking experiences during Implantation. In this class the biology and progress of the human organism is described from the stage of the hungry hatched blastocyst to the implanted stage where we enter the endometrium and are finally engulfed by the closing plug. Next we take a guided group journey through the fallopian tube, the Fall, and Hatching. Afterwards triad regressions will be undertaken first to the Contact and Connection stages, then to the Merging and Union stages. The fourth regression will involve exploring the Primary Implantation Constellation, a theme that is most prominent and can sometimes be present through all of these stages. The final regression is a re-patterning process to help us shift the neurology, compulsions, and patterned behavior that resulted from our Implantation wounding. The last day is for integration and resourcing.

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