Baby Therapy Course

The Baby Therapy Course is a series with six four-day classes and teaches our techniques to understand baby body language and help babies get what they need.

Babies develop best when they are simply supported to grow at their own pace in their own ways. But what can we do when babies are unhappy? What could be the reasons behind crying, colic, sleep problems, eating problems and bonding problems? Until they are nine months old babies have spent more than half their lives in another world. And their births have impacted them in ways most people will never know. This course teaches students how to understand baby body language. When we understand baby body language we realize that babies are constantly talking about their prenatal and birth experiences, and they are often asking for our help to resolve the impediments coming from early times, so that their souls can be liberated as their little bodies grow.

There are six four-day classes in the baby therapy course, taught two classes per year for three years. Although the course is open to any interested person, it is aimed at those who are in the baby care business:  baby therapists, cranio sacral practitioners, child psychologists, pediatricians, midwives, and baby care specialists. The class is didactic in nature, not experiential. Each class consists of lectures, interactive exercises, and one to two days per class with demonstrations of the work with babies and their families. These baby therapy sessions are professionally filmed and the films are reviewed with the students. Baby body language is analyzed and the treatment techniques are carefully defined and described.

The awareness that develops over the course augments and informs the professional practices of the students (and the parenting consciousness of parents). Baby therapists are constantly immersed in baby body language that originates from pre and perinatal experiences, and this course provides them with the ability to understand any baby, and work confidently with the information coming from the baby. Students learn how to solve problems with colic, sleeping, eating, bonding, and overcoming certain delays.

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