Advanced Course

For students who have completed the Intermediate Course and who wish to augment their professional Pre and Perinatal skills for their own private practices, and for trainees who are in the Teacher Training program.

Class 2
Advanced Birth Simulation Postures

This class teaches you multiple specific and subtle skills for simulating the birth process and activating unresolved birth issues when you are working one on one. Detailed tips on how to resolve birth trauma are also offered. Practitioner postures using the hands and other body parts are explained and then practiced such that many practical issues are addressed:  1) How can a small person simulate birth process for a larger person? 2) How can we simulate the intensity of birth in a physically safe and integrous format? 3) What are the best ways to work on details in certain stages? 4) How can I support myself so I don't experience fatigue while facilitating long or intense sessions? This class also teaches you how to monitor the shock levels of your client and support your client for efficient research and repatterning. Instruction is also given on ways to track and maintain contact without interrupting client process or leading too strongly. A lot of birth regressions and mini-regressions are done in this class, so it is an excellent opportunity to work on your self and clear any lingering birth issues.

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