What is Pre and Perinatal Education?

To most people it is self-evident, as Sigmund Freud pointed out, that what happens to us in childhood shapes who we become as adults. Pre and Perinatal education explains why certain events during birth and prenatal life can have even more profound impacts on the psyche, the body, even the soul.

Neuroscience, modern biology, and psychology are coming into agreement with the basic principle of Pre and Perinatal Education:  that human life, before birth, is rich with situations that result in persistent consequences and patterns of behavior. It is when the human organism is young and at its most vulnerable that the basic trajectory of a life is determined.

Once you learn the origins of stubborn, counter-productive tendencies Pre and Perinatal Education assists you to discover, in your own way, how to escape the emotional, physical, and neurologic patterns that bind you and blind you. When you become freer from these old patterns you can enjoy increased awareness, have access to more options, and more easily live a satisfying life.

In our Pre and Perinatal Education courses we guide you, gently and empathically, through the specific primal stages which establish and shape the basic nature of an inidvidual, including:

• Self Esteem
• Personal Power
• Physical and Psychological Health

We help you to heal your relationships with:

• Food
• Money
• Intimacy
• Sexuality
• Transitions
• Stress and Pressure
• The Ability to Bond
• The Ability to Live a Satisfying, Joyful Life

Our core human characteristics are substantially shaped in the few precious hours before, during and after birth when the brain is making neuro-connections at its fastest and most aggressive rate: over 2 million connections per second. Recent research in neurophysiology and trauma support the core tenant of pre and perinatal psychology: more than any other experience, your birth shapes who you are, the decisions you make, the way you feel about life, and how you move forward in life.

Foundation Course

Our work with babies is organized so as to train practitioners and parents how to recognize baby body language and understand what babies are asking for. The Baby Therapy Course teaches how to permanently resolve the typical baby challenges including persistent crying, sleep issues, and bonding issues. The cure for colic lies in understanding the cause of colic, and being present for babies with the compassion of accurate empathy.

Baby Therapy Course

Karlton & Kathryn Terry

Below are a few exerpts.
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"...Through many years of exploring pre- and perinatal life, Karlton and his partner Kathryn Kier have developed a way of guiding others in their journey of deepest inner healing that is truly outstanding in quality and integrity....

...The level and purity of empathy I encountered in the workshops of Karlton and Kathryn was a revelation. The idea that empathy must be the core catalyst for real healing was not new, but the degree to which this principle is alive in their work was something I had never seen or felt before. There is a quality to these workshops that the heart recognizes and trusts. No amount of words can do justice to this experience, but if the idea of healing through deep empathy makes sense to you, check out the offerings of IPPE....

...In Kathryn and Karlton's work, I found a wonderful balance between acknowledging and embracing trauma and not getting stuck in the whole process. There is a trust at the core of this work that no matter what happened, our soul, our being is the larger, more powerful reality...."



I want to tell you that the work with you changed my life enormously, my consciousness has become wider, clearer...connected with a deep understanding of roots which have caused patterns and habits in my life which limited the expression of my personal life.

~ B.M.


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